Questions about Mappost

How can I register for Mappost trial period?

Choose the most appropriate level in Mappost section Prices and register for the trial period by completing the registration form.
We will send you Mappost access data and provisions on trial period. Will add Mappost subscription offer for you to continue Mappost experience after the trial period ends.

Where can I get Mappost app for mobile phone? How to install it properly? What are the minimum requirements for a mobile phone or tablet to use Mappost app?

The mobile application is available via Google Play.

Your mobile device must meet the following conditions:
1. Android version 3.0 and higher
2. Mobile Internet connection
3. Support of GPS and/or WiFi
4. Registered Google Account User

Mobile app does not show precise location data, does not load new maps and Task data. What do I have to check?

Make sure that the GPS, WiFi and mobile data transfer is active. You may check it in the phone settings or top toolbar.
If they are not turned on - turn them on.