Choose your Task management system version


  • Create a central data base and work with remote objects on the WEB
  • Access your data base from the mobile Mappost application
  • View the location of your employees and changes in the database online


    Object management +

  • Create and control the task flow online
  • Post the tasks to users of the Mappost application
  • Get reports on the completion of the assigned tasks


    TaskFlow +

  • Optimise the order of tasks and automatically assign them to users
  • Get the right route where the time windows and other restrictions are considered
  • Reduce 5-30% of costs and CO2 emissions, as well as fuel, time and other resource consumption


    Logistics +

  • Integrate Mappost with your IT systems
  • Exchange data with Mappost via the Web API
  • Use Mappost for your client’s task management system