Mappost is a task planning, scheduling and route optimization system for transportation or other field services

Task planning

Create Tasks and control fulfilment of Tasks online


Plan routes for Logistics within the limits of customer service

Route optimization

Divide and assign Tasks to users in optimal routes

Client benefits:
transparency of Task fulfilment process,
economy of resources
and increase of customer service quality

It is easy to create and edit a database in Mappost. The possibility to access it from the mobile application allows all changes to be seen online, wherever the user is located.

Make tasks and assign them to Mappost users online. The scheduled works and information on their fulfilment are available immediately. Get a report and see the route of the user while the fulfilment of the task.

Put tasks in the right order, designating them to users with consideration of the time windows of every client, their demands and other variable restrictions, the vehicles for the fulfilment of the task and traffic.

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